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440c stainless steel ball

Characteristics: There are relatively few domestic companies that can produce stainless steel 440C. The metallographic structure belongs to martensitic steel, and the production process requirements are high. It is the hardest stainless steel ball among steel balls: HRC≧58. The hardness is close to that of bearing steel balls, so companies that can produce 440C material are often dubbed the reputation of special stainless steel. The heat treatment process is more complicated, easy to crack, and requires higher precision, but it has stronger rust and corrosion resistance than the former

Compared with compared: Compared with 440 stainless steel ball, it has stronger anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance, the hardness is increased, and the wear resistance is also improved.

Size: from 0.5mm-60mm balls can be produced

For aviation requirement, material used for machining is AMS 56 eighteen for the440C ball and the heat treat is also certified NADCAP. They are able to provide high quality industrial stainless steel balls especially for various application: ball bearing, ball joint, threaded guides, etc. for making aircraft, ships, motor vehicles, landing gears, and many more. They are widely used for the fabrication of aircraft as well as space shuttles and capsules.

There are some important points to be considered while manufacturing stainless steel balls: the alloy selection, the specification, the technology used, and finally the specifications for use. If these criteria are fulfilled, the production quality and performance can be improved. The selection of alloy involves considerations on strength and hardness, tensile strength and wear resistance. The technology selected may depend on the requirements such as tolerance to wear and corrosion resistance. The final specifications for the application should meet the specifications required by customers.

Steel manufacturers consider many applications when designing and engineering a ball and consider both the strength and hardness as important factors. The stainless steel used can be either of the following types: a high pressure bearing (HPB), low pressure bearing (LPG), a bearing with a mixed materials, or a mixed material bearing. The stainless steels used for HPB and LPG are usually black in color. The higher the tensile strength, the lower the stress to the ball; hence the lower the tensile strength, the higher the thermal expansion and contraction, and the higher the potential of deformation.

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