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420 Stainless Steel Ball

420 stainless steel is suitable for all kinds of precision machinery, bearings, electrical equipment, transportation tools, household appliances, etc. It is mostly used to manufacture parts that are resistant to atmospheric, water vapor, water and oxidizing acid corrosion

Characteristics: The representative of martensitic steel, commonly known as stainless iron, is magnetic, has good rust resistance, and has a high hardness of HRC50-55.

Comparison: Domestic 420 is mainly divided into two types of steel balls, 2Cr13 steel balls and 3Cr13 steel balls. Both steel balls have hardness. However, many customers have misunderstood in certain aspects. They think that 410 stainless steel balls are

430 stainless steel balls also have hardness. Although the two steel balls are the same 4 series stainless steel balls, the metallographic structure is different: one is a martensitic steel, the other is a ferritic steel

Size: from 0.5mm-60mm balls can be produced

The latest innovation in high tech field is the new kind of technology known as "420 stainless steel balls". These balls have been developed for engineering requirements and are used for engineering purposes. It has been manufactured through the process of electroplating, which involves passing of electric arc onto the surface of steel wherein it has been coated with zinc or any other alloy which imparts a protective coating. The manufacturing procedure involves passing of the current through the steel where it is struck by an ionizing lamp in a particular sequence thereby vaporizing the interior metal layer.

The overall performance and usage of 420 stainless steel ball range dates back: 2021-11-20 - the hardness of fifty-one degrees, the durability, magnetic and corrosion resistance. All of these features makes this ball very effective and suitable for various industrial and mechanical applications and is used to manufacture precision machinery parts and components for a wide range of electronic and non-electronic applications. Using this ball in electronic and non-electronic machining parts gives a high degree of hardness and gives better results. This provides easy and reliable functionality for the working part in various conditions. With the help of this ball, you can get better results when it comes to dimensional accuracy and consistency.

There are different kinds of this tool including dimensional accuracy tool, non-dimensional accuracy tool, rod tool etc. For precision machining applications, only a single type of this tool should be used. The main features of this tool include its hardness property, its temperature capability, its creep resistance property, its wear resistance, its ability to withstand various-conditions and its tackiness. These properties make this a unique ball as compared to others. Hence, it is said that this is the ideal ball for various kinds of applications.

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