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316 stainless steel ball

Mainly used in medical equipment, food machinery, cosmetics accessories, human accessories, instrumentation and other fields, 316 stainless steel ball is a relatively demanding product, usually used in special industries such as medical equipment, chemical industry, aviation, aerospace: perfume bottles, Sprayers, valves, nail polish, human accessories, mobile phone panels

Features: Hardness ≦ 28 degrees, non-magnetic after demagnetization, strong rust resistance, non-corrosive, austenitic steel, it is currently the most high-end steel ball industry, HRC ≤ 26, most suitable for industries with high anti-corrosion requirements , All performances are better than 304 stainless steel ball

Comparison: The relevant characteristics of 316 stainless steel balls are stronger than 304 stainless steel balls, with low carbon content

Size: from 0.5mm-60mm balls can be produced

316 stainless steel ball bearings are used in a variety of industries to give precision and durability to the machinery. This type of bearings is capable of bearing heavy loads and can remain consistent despite varying conditions. The steel balls have been known to hold up well even under extreme condition. These are also used in the aerospace, defense and high technology sectors.

Ball bearing technology was first used by NASA in the 1960's with the help of NASA scientists who were involved in testing various types of ball bearings. Subsequent modifications made by NASA gave better performance and more accuracy. Currently, there are many companies which manufacture and provide components for this technology. One of these companies is the Kopitiam International, which has recently introduced an innovative low cost valve called the 316 stainless steel ball valve. This ball bearing is the same one used in NASA's space shuttles.

The 316 stainless steel ball bearing is designed in such a way that it requires minimal cleaning and maintenance. It features a mounting pad which fits snugly into an intake port in a diesel engine. Thus, it can be used in applications where high-precision engineering is required and it offers outstanding performance, even under extreme conditions. These ball valves are available with various flow rates and mounting pads, which make them the best suitable components for most machinery.

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