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What is the application of stainless steel balls in one-way bearings

Publish Time: 2023-02-06

In the process of making equipment for one-way bearings, after the inner and outer rings and the steel balls are sleeved, the steel balls need to be evenly divided in the inner and outer ring channels of the one-way bearing to facilitate the equipment of the one-way bearing cage. At present, most of the ball-dividing equipment uses the ball-pointing needle to divide the steel ball equally, and the cylinder is used to automatically divide the steel ball. This method is used to simply damage the steel ball. The cylinder simply generates oscillation and damages the uniform distribution of the steel ball. Simply break or bend the ball needle. Many small and medium-sized one-way bearing manufacturers use manual methods to divide steel balls, equipment cages, with low power, and generally use rubber hammers when equipment cages are used. This method is very simple to cause cage pockets. The uneven force on both sides of the hole and channel reduces the clearance, and it is difficult to control the force when applying force. It is very simple to cause damage to the steel ball, cage pocket and channel, and the equipment is hit, which is labor-intensive. ,very inconvenient.

my country's patent publication number: CN 103398110 A, announcing a ball separator for holding rack equipment, the creation touches a ball separator for holding rack equipment, which includes a handle, a base and a device for the device. A plurality of ball-pointing rods fixed on the end surface of the base and scattered in a circular array, the longest one of the plurality of ball-pointing rods is the top ball-pointing rod, and the other ball-pointing rods The length of the rod decreases from the top ball plunger to both sides, and the other ball plungers are set symmetrically with respect to the top ball plunger. However, the tips of the ball-pointing rods created by this creation are all pointed. Many experiments have proved that using this ball-pointing rod to split the ball simply causes the two steel balls to be stuck between the two plungers, resulting in the failure of the ball-pointing and the drop. The production power. Moreover, the creation can only be divided into steel balls, and cannot be installed with cages, so the function is relatively single.

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