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Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Balls

Publish Time: 2023-02-07

Stainless steel ball bearing balls are available in a variety of sizes. These balls are used for many different purposes. They are often used in down-hole control valves and check valve applications. They are durable enough to withstand harsh environments. These balls are also available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

The process of manufacturing steel balls starts with a carbonizing process. This process removes the soft material and removes the oxide deposits on the surface. Next, the balls are subjected to a descaling process. This involves using a chemical agent to strip away the oxide buildup from the balls. Once these balls are cooled, they go through a polishing and sizing process to improve their roundness and geometry.

Another material commonly used in ball bearing applications is a steel alloy. This material is corrosive-resistant and highly magnetic. Although it is harder than steel, it also has a low machinability, making it an ideal choice for ball bearing applications. This alloy is also a lightweight option, weighing only 0.098 pounds per cubic inch (a little more than one pound).

AISI type 430 stainless steel balls exhibit fair to good corrosion resistance and are also durable. They are able to withstand many chemicals and food environments, including alcohol and nitric acid. Additionally, they are very strong and can resist steam. In addition to bearing applications, these stainless steel balls are often used in fasteners.

The steel used in Simply Bearing stainless steel balls has exceptional hardness, which makes them highly durable. They resist corrosion caused by sea water and chemicals. This makes them perfect for academic experiments, jewelry-making, and examination balls. Aside from being durable, these balls are also cheap compared to glass balls.

Another material commonly used in ball bearings is chrome steel. It is a relatively cheap metal and is extremely hard, with a Rockwell "C" of 62. It is also highly magnetic, though not corrosion resistant. About 90% of all balls in the market are made from chrome alloy steel. This steel is also commonly used in automotive parts, high-speed ball bearings, and lock mechanisms.

These stainless steel balls are available in a variety of alloys. You can find the right one for your manufacturing, industrial, or construction needs by selecting the right material, diameter, and weight. By selecting the right alloy and diameter for your specific application, you can be confident that your stainless steel ball bearing balls will be durable enough to meet your requirements.


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