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1 Inch Stainless Steel Ball Bearing

Publish Time: 2023-02-07

The High Precision Grade G25 stainless steel ball bearings are manufactured by hot-forging these bearings from bar stock using the finest quality 420 stainless steel. Using precise temperature and atmosphere controls, these bearings achieve uniform hardness and microstructure. As a result, they offer excellent wear resistance and a high level of precision and repeatability.

This type of ball bearing is used in many applications, including bicycles, casters, drawer slides, door locks, and bicycles. The diameter of these bearings is usually one inch. They are available in two different materials: chrome steel and stainless steel. The latter two materials can be soft-soldered, silver soldered, or brazed. However, heat will cause the ball to distort and lose its hardness. If you are planning to install a ball bearing, you should roughen the area before affixing it to a surface. However, be warned that a ball made of chrome steel will rust when it comes in contact with water. So, it is better to use a stainless steel or other stainless steel alloy ball.

Stainless steel inch ball bearings come in many different styles. There are single row ball bearings, flanged ball bearings, and radial ball bearings. Stainless steel inch ball bearings are designed to withstand high-temperature conditions, and the hardness of this material is a key factor for bearing durability and service life.

Stainless steel inch Single Row Deep Groove (SRDG) ball bearings are designed to provide superior performance in a wide range of applications. These SRDG ball bearings are available in standard and industrial grades. Their double-lip nitrile rubber seals help to protect the ball bearing against moisture and other contaminants that can damage it. They are especially useful in high-speed applications, such as those in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

AISI type 440C stainless steel balls offer maximum strength and resistance to corrosion. They are widely used in fasteners, aerospace, and oil and gas industries. They are also remarkably resistant to rolling-contact fatigue. In addition, they are easy to machine and offer good durability. Stainless steel balls are available in a variety of material grades, which vary in strength and corrosion resistance.


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